If you feel your chosen product is too elaborate for your organization size, we will customize it per your requirements. You choose either to purchase it outright or rent it as a cloud solution annually with our update support service.

Contact us for more details. We could set up an arrangement for a demo. We could even let you use one on a trial basis for a reasonable period. Please talk to us. Find out how comfortable we could make you feel.





A tool for Educational consultants. It helps you to keep a firm grip on the crowd of students, the dynamics of decision changes, multiple requirements

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A versatile questionnaire building tool to evaluate performance and competency. Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes, HR Departments, – You can virtually

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A Management Review System. The management reviews, records the results, creates action plans, assigns responsibility, follows up on actions;

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An efficient Operation Management Support tool for effective control, — controlling tasks, controlling targets for multiple businesses at multiple locations.

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This one is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) tool. It conforms to the BIA requirements of any international Business Continuity Management.

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