Gone are the days when a business could do without IT/software support


First we put all our efforts in understanding your business and we ask you if we understood it right.

Then we are all ears listening intently to your goals, your objectives and what you want us to do. And, we repeat them to get your confirmation.

We do brainstorming in your presence. We layout the skeleton architecture. We discuss the most appropriate technology to be used in your case, the ease of use and the minimal operational training that is needed.

At every milestone of the progress we present to you the work done. We explain patiently your questions and discuss in detail if any new criteria are to be taken into account or any new feature to be

added. The review interactions are so intense that when the final product is uploaded you are no longer a stranger to the product that you own.

IF you want to upgrade your existing software or want us to solve the problems that you are facing using it, we put all our attention on understanding the problems, then analyze to find the cause of the problems and present to you all available options, – be it starting from scratch or making temporary or permanent modifications keeping the existing architecture.

In short, once you take us on board, our planned and routine interactions with you will no longer keep us your vendor. We Become Your Partner.

Our software solutions cover a wide range of the business spectrum. We build customized Business Support Systems and tools such as CRMs, ERPs, HR, Purchase and Inventory to assist you with management control and monitoring.

We have served organizations in the domains of education and training, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, human resources, health, e-commerce and social.

We also provide other essential services such as web hosting, email hosting, domain registration and data migration for SMEs.