Xlicon provides you all advance web solutions that give businesses exposure and branding


In this day and age you are well aware of the essentiality of the presence of your company/business in the cyberspace. But you don’t want just pretty pictures. You want wide exposure. You want re-visits of the searcher looking for your kind of products or services.

Before we draw a line or write a word, we gather as much knowledge as possible of your products and services from your inputs and also by independent research of similar products and services. As the creation progresses, each important stage is reviewed with you and your inputs are taken. Before it is uploaded the final product is reviewed in detail with you a few times over. By random testing Xlicon ensures that navigation by the visitor through your website is smooth and comfortable, and the comprehension is optimum.

As additional services we will manage a blog campaign for you for wider publicity and provide you the analytics to monitor the visits of your site quantitatively.

If you want, we will also provide you website maintenance, – updating as and when you introduce new products and services, or make improvements or modifications of the existing ones. You have a choice in this, – either receive from us a content management portal, or as a part of an annual support and maintenance (S&M) agreement.