The best in class provider of IT products and services for small and medium businesses

Our Story

Why we did what we do

Small issues worked on our mindset. In our minds questions roamed on practices that had hardly mattered before.

Like, why a shop must manually control inventory? Or, why not eliminate the stress of servicing multiple clients at multiple locations by using software? Why not our experience in providing solutions to complex businesses is employed to provide solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)? Their operations then could be smoother, efficient and cost effective. The owners could then focus on expansion and growth! Thus was born Xlicon, dedicated to provide software solutions to the SMEs. That was about six years ago.

How we did it

Intense communication and interactions helped us win over the unknown. It took time; but the trickle began, from a one-man company to family owned enterprises of decent sizes, from designing websites to providing CRM and ERP solutions for management control.

We made our clients comfortable and feel at ease. We were patient listening to their specific problems and provided options. We became their partners while they proceeded to achieve their goals. Our clients and we landed on a win-win situation together.

How we add value

There are no short-cuts to our processes. We ensure that there is no communication gap. We have fair pricing.

Somewhere along our journey, we came across the wisdom that remained etched on our minds: “To the client we stand by our commitments. If we can, we would like to do the job at a profit. We will do it at a loss if we must. No matter what, commitments to our clients are always kept”.

And that’s Xlicon, Delivering Value at every step!

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